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We have developed several custom in-house products through our years of racing experience, which you can see below.
In addition, we are a dealer for many popular racing products and brands, such as EK, DynoJet, Sprocket Specialists, Carrillo, Stack, and more. Due to our high volumes, we are able to get good prices on nearly any product you might need for your race engine or race car.

Rilltech Racing Products

NEW! 2nd Generation GSX-R1000 Wet-Sump Oil Pan, Available only from Rilltech

Our updated 07-08 GSX-R Pan with new pickup. Not pictured are extended baffle design and new check valve layout.
This oil pan replaces the stock oil pan and pickup on the GSX-R 1000. A complete sump baffle is included, as is a new pickup tube. Designs are available for the 1999-2009 GSX-R 1000. This will keep oil at your pickup, even at over 3g of cornering loads, frequently seen these days in DSR and F1000.

New for 2010 is a brand new design based on our research with the 2007-2008 GSX-R, now being incorporated into all year oil pans. This new pan is unique to Rilltech, and is not the standard design that has been in use for the past few years.

The new pan has a completely redesigned baffle, pickup, and arrangement of the check valve doors. In particular, the oil pickup has been moved forwards to prevent it from being uncovered under hard braking due to oil slosh. Additionally, a new baffle (not pictured), which prevents oil from migrating into the transmission and clutch reduces internal engine drag, increasing horsepower that makes it to the ground.

Pressure dips eliminated. Note that oilp tracks with engine RPM, even under hard braking.
This newest pan design was tested by Jake Latham at the end of 2009, at both Pueblo and High Plains Raceway, resulting in a complete elimination of braking-induced oil pressure drops that had been an issue with the previous pan design on 2007-2008 engines.

Simple, easy, perfect fitment is guaranteed on all of our pans. All parts are CNC machined or laser cut, and then TIG welded into the final assembly. All kits come with full instructions and a 12-month guarantee against defects. Installation of these pans is much faster than installing a complicated dry-sump system, and is over 10 pounds lighter as well. Optional is a quick-drain tap fitting.

Updated pan flange design
Benefits of the Rilltech System:
  • 12-month guarantee on all parts for workmanship, cracks, etc.
  • Proven superior baffle construction to avoid fatigue and stress cracks
  • Better oil control against surge/pressure dips
  • Better performance keeping oil out of gearbox and transmission area, for increased HP

Update: 2010.03.10: We have again tweaked our wet-sump pan design, in order to reduce weight. By changing the flange design, we can use shorter bolts, and less material in the pan saves about half a pound!

Rilltech Racing GSX-R1000 Wet-Sump Pan Upgrade (for 1st generation pans)

In response to the oil pressure dips that some drivers and cars experience under high-g braking, Rilltech has developed an upgrade kit that will fit to existing wet-sump pan owners. The kit is a new pickup, a new baffle, and an extension to the trap door 'box, in which the pickup fits.

Oil pressure dips are now eliminated using standard fill/overfill procedures.

This upgrade kit applies to pans manufactured before October 2009, post 10/09 pans have the upgrades built in. (see above)

Rilltech Racing Stainless/Inconel Headers

After many hours of dyno testing, we have perfected our new header, which is made of a mix of Stainless Steel and Inconel. This mix provides the best of both worlds, providing the durability of stainless steel, with the heat rejection and lighter weight of Titanium. This has taken several attempts over the winter months, but this header now outperforms our titanium slip-joint header.

These headers are more durable in extreme heat environments than the titanium headers, and will not corrode, even after many seasons of use.

Total weight is 5.75#, just 1.25# heavier than our titanium headers, and are still the lightest headers on the market. Dyno results to follow from an independent engine manufacturer to verify our claims.

We will be stocking kits for the Stohr WF-1, and can produce custom headers for most cars quite easily.

Rilltech Racing Titanium Headers with Titanium Muffler

After hours of dyno tests over the course of 2009, we have updated our Titanium header design for all motorcycle engines fitted into race cars. We stock ready-made headers for Suzuki GSX-R1000 engines, years 2005-2008, for all Speads and Stohr chassis. (CSR/DSR and F1000/FB).

The Headers are 4-2-1 (aka "Tri-Y") design for better power and torque, available in two configurations. First is four separate primaries, all slip-jointed, or with two primaries joined to connect to a slip-fit at the collector.

The secondary pipe has a tuned length with an optional bung for a wideband. Total weight of the header itself is just 3.9 pounds, including collector and all flanges. The Titanium reduces under-hood temperatures significantly, and are cool to the touch after just a few minutes of sitting. We have found gains on the dyno with them compared to identical mild and stainless steel headers.

Multiple slip-fit design, and a few other tricks prevent cracking due to stress and fatigue, so we guarantee our Ti headers for 12 months against cracking. If you find a system on the market that makes more power for similar money, we will refund you in full.

To go along with our titanium headers, Rilltech has developed a titanium muffler. This muffler will easily pass sound at all SCCA tracks around the country, and makes more power on the dyno than other popular muffler choices. An oval shape allows for it to be mounted lower in the chassis, with more clearance to parts, and the same Ti material that helps conduct heat out of the engine bay works with the muffler as well. The inside is replaceable should the packing ever become worn.

Size for the muffler is customizable up to 18" long, with 12" being sufficient for most cars.

approx 4hp gain at peak power, and significant gains in the 6-7K range, on a stock engine. The effect is magnified on built engines.
We have tested all systems on the market here at Rilltech on our chassis dyno in a frame first, then in the back of a DSR. We found the biggest advantage and biggest power increase with the Titanium system was found on a DSR with full bodywork on, and the car up to full temperature, just as you'd see on the race track. The Titanium expels much more heat out of the tail pipe compared to steel and stainless systems and keeps a more constant power peak.

dyno chart of Ti header on a built engine
Additionally, we've shipped the system off to George Dean at GDRE to offer an independent test on his dyno. He tested against the latest exhaust system from Stohr, and as you can see from the dyno sheet, it is a big improvement. George is available to discuss these Rilltech headers, as an independent third party.

Ready-Made setups for GSX-1300R Hayabusa in Speads, Stohr, and Radical are available now, for 1999-2009 year GSX-R engines.

Custom fitment for other chassis is available too - just call.

Benefits of the Rilltech System:
  • More power and torque
  • Lower underhood temperatures
  • Weight Savings
  • Long life, no corrosion or cracking
  • 12-month guarantee against cracking
System Weights:
  • Rilltech Ti Headers + Muffler: 8.6lbs
  • Latest Stohr factory iteration: 15.2lbs
  • Typical System: 18lbs

NEW! Second-Generation Rilltech Racing Hayabusa Wet-Sump oil pan

The Rilltech wet sump Hayabusa pan is based on the same design as our successful GSX-R oil pan, and we now have our second generation pan that fits 1999-2011 Hayabusa engines.

This pan completely replaces the stock unit with a new pan cut from billet aluminum, and has been run without failure since February 2010 in CSR's, oval cars, and kit cars. Four large flaps control oil flow around the pickup, and a complete baffle, with a cover for the clutch system, is included.

Contact us for price and availability.

Hayabusa Oil Pump overdrive gear

This gear installs in place of the stock oil pump gear, and drives the oil pump faster, resulting in higher pressures.

This gear is specially cut to reduce gear whine common in the other commercially available gears.

For the Hayabusa only.

Undercut gearsets

On some older Hayabusa engines, as wear increases, the engine can start to pop out of second gear. Our hardened, undercut second gear prevents this from happening. Rilltech offers complete modified gear stacks as well.

EFI Fuel Pot / Collector

For car installations using fuel injection, Rilltech has a custom fuel pot available to ensure you get every last drop of fuel in your cell. Even fuel cells with collectors can have as much as a gallon of fuel left in them when fuel pressure starts to become erratic.

This pot ensures that does not happen. A small rotary scavenge pump keeps the pot filled from the fuel cell, and a high pressure pump feeds the engine. This pot can accept stock Suzuki/Yamaha/Kawasaki pumps, and many aftermarket pumps internally, or you can plumb the output of the pot to an external fuel pump.

Oil Flash-Fire Blanket

When motorcycle engines fail, sometimes the rods will come through the block. If they come forwards, towards the headers, this can result in fires as oil splashes onto the hot headers. To prevent these fires, Rilltech has heavy-duty blankets that go between the engine and the headers - inexpensive insurance for sure!

These blankets are oil absorbent on one side, and have heat reflective material on the other. Installed at the front of the motor, they will prevent almost all oil-on-header fires, and reduce the mess when the oil does leave the block.

Rilltech Racing Water, Oil and Fuel Fittings

After having difficulty with fittings and adapters on the market today, Rilltech Racing has produced our own adapters and fittings for dealing with oil, water, and fuel fittings.

First is a Water Temperature Port fitting that will thread into a plug on the block of most bike engines, allow you to get accurate water temperatures right from the source, even when a thermostat is fitted.

Next are the common 90* and straight -8 fittings for connecting oil lines to the block of many Suzukis and other engines.

Finally, new fuel rail adapters are available for the '07-08 GSX-R, and 08-12 Hayabusa. The are both the strongest and lightest on the market, and fit correctly, allowing no side-to-side movement as with other products available today.

All of these parts are in stock and available to fit most applications, so call us for more information and to order.

CSR/DSR/F1000 Airbox

To improve engine performance at high speeds, we have a in-house built airbox to fit Suzuki 1000cc engines. This gains several miles-per-hour at the end of straightaways, and removes the flattening of engine power at the top of the range. It is available in carbon fiber, or in fiberglass for F1000.

We can fit different bottom-ends to the airbox to fit Hayabusa, R1, ZX-10, etc. Call for more information and specifics on performance gains. More images available in our Gallery.

Speads Race Cars

Speads RM11 & Speads RS11

Rilltech is the central distributor for Speads race cars in the United States, imported by Racing Concepts.

The current iterations of the Speads racers are the RS11 Sports Racer for SCCA D-Sports Racing and C-Sports Racing, and the RM11 Formula car for Formula 1000 (FB).

The cars feature the latest in safety, aerodynamics, suspension design, and styling, with an eye towards longevity and cost-of-ownership. Each uses an immensely strong tubular chassis for ease of maintenance and repair, and can accept any type or capacity of motorcycle engine.

Test drives can be easily be arranged - please call us to set a time to come try one of these cars. For more pictures, check out our Gallery of the 2007 ARRC, where the F1000 podiumed, and gallery of the Speads RS11 sports racer.

For those that have a love for sports car racing, the RS11 is a technological wonder. Exciting technologies like carbon-fiber tunnel diffusers, exotic materials, and opportunities for motorcycle engines producing over 260hp in a lightweight, yet strong, tubular chassis mean that the RS11 offers opportunity for unparalleled excitement this side of a LeMans Prototype.

Even packed with all of its hi-tech goodies, the RS11 is robust, safe, easy to maintain, and affordable to race as well. As a sports racer, it is eligible not only for SCCA CSR/DSR, but for track days, time trials, HPDE, driving schools, and many other events that require fendered vehicles.

Speads Engine Install Kit

As Speads cars come as rollers, Rilltech has assembled an install kit that has everything you need to plug in an engine of your choice. The kit is currently $4,400, and includes:
  • Setrab Multi-pass Oil Cooler
  • Engine Mounts
  • Rilltech Exhaust Header
  • Muffler
  • Rilltech Oil Pan
  • 14T front sprocket
  • Converted Engine Wiring Harness
  • Chassis harness for car
  • Switches for dashboard
  • Coolant swirl pot
  • Fuel collector pot and pump
  • Low-Pressure rotary scavenge pump
  • Braided fuel and oil lines
  • Water hoses & clamps
  • 530 DID O-Ring Chain
  • Battery and Cutoff switch
  • Fuel sample test port
  • Rilltech oil blanket
All you need to add is an engine and a dash, and you can go racing!

Shift Systems

FlatShifter Expert and Pro

Rilltech is the exclusive US distributor for the FlatShifter shift system. This uses a robust, reliable set of components to allow clutchless, no-lift upshifts, and clutchless downshifts.

We have tested, raced, and used every system on the market, and prefer the FlatShifter product as it's the best system for the price, and is by far the most user-friendly. Many other systems work 80-90% of the time, and can be finicky to set up and maintain, but the reliability and simplicity of the FlatShifter has shown its worth over the years, and especially by looking at how many cars in the grid are using these. It works for all gears, all directions, all the time, and its reliability ensures that we can focus on racing - not on whether the shifter is going to work or not - and that is the biggest component of helping you gain time.

A timed ignition cut is employed for clutchless full-throttle upshifts, and a auto-blipper controls revmatching on downshifts, allowing for left-foot braking, and smoothly matched shifts.

This kit includes the main control box, blipper and blipper controller, car harness, the load cell for detecting shifts, material to make the bracket for the blipper, and full installation manuals.

Learn more at

Images showing proper mounting of blipper and control box. Zip-tie control box to throttle bodies to avoid heat soak from engine or chassis.

FlatShifter Max

For the ultimate shift system, we offer the FlatShifter Max kit, which adds paddle shifting to the FlatShifter Expert system.

Included in the FlatShifter Max is all the components of the FlatShifter Expert above, plus the FlatShifter Max paddles, shift solenoid, and shift solenoid mounting clamp.

The new FlatShifter Max padles pivot in the middle, which is a better configuration for circuit racing, as the central pivot allows you to either push or pull to achieve upshifts and downshifts, allowing you to use just one hand if necessary. The paddles adjust in and out for different size wheels, and even come with extenders for use in larger diameter street car wheels.

FlatShifter paddles from front, top, and installed in a car

FlatShifter Blip

The Flatshifter "Blip" is a new, unique, standalone system which enables clutchless downshifts. This system is ideal for those that already have clutchless upshift systems, or engine ECU's which provide the clutchless upshift facility. The Flatshifter "Blip" system is only for vehicles using a sequential transmission, which includes all motorcycles and all Hewland Sadev Elite type dog gearboxes.

With the Flatshifter Blip installed, the clutch is completely unecessary once you are moving. This system is ideal for all drivers, making perfect clutchless downshifts each and every time, removing possibility of human error from the equation.

The Flatshifter Blip works with your current engine ECU - Suzuki, Motec, MBD, etc, even if you already have a full throttle clutchless up gearshift facility installed.

Racing Parts & Products

Our volume with many distributors gives us access to excellent prices on many well known products. If you need something for your car, we can get it for you, and at a good price. Please call if you do not see the brand you are looking for below - doubtless we can get them, and may have several on the shelf!
  • AIM Sport Dashes + Dataloggers
  • APE
  • Burns Stainless mufflers + collectors
  • Carillo
  • EK Chain
  • FlatShifter shifters
  • Honda OEM Parts
  • JE Pistons
  • Kawasaki OEM Parts
  • Meziere water pumps
  • Muzzy
  • ProShift
  • Sprocket Specialsts
  • Stack Ltd.
  • Suzuki OEM Parts
  • Web Cams
  • Wiseco Pistons
  • Yamaha OEM Parts
  • Yoshimura