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We hear a lot of the same questions every day at Rilltech. Answers and information to help you out with some of the most common are here, and will be added as they occur to us!

How to set Engine Oil Level (Wet-Sump Pan)

Keeping enough oil in these engines is critical to keeping oil pressures up. The crank and rod bearings can only take a few seconds of zero oil pressure before failure will begin. Here is how we recommend you set engine oil level after an oil change, for all Suzuki engines. While these instructions are written specifically for the Rilltech Wet-Sump trap-door pan with Suzuki engines, other pans and engines should have comparable processes.

How to break in an engine

Instructions for motorcycle engine break-in. Ideally, we will break your engine in on our dyno, but if you have a fresh engine, here are the instructions on breaking it in yourself.

How often do you recommend changing the oil?

We change the oil and filter in our engines after each race weekend. Even though standard road bikes can go a lot longer between change intervals, we are stressing all the components much harder, so clean oil is a must. Especially, accumulation worn clutch disk material can cause the oil to degrade quickly. In the face of a damaged engine, it is cheap insurance.

Do you have a particular oil recommendation?

All of the synthetic motorcycle oils are pretty good. We're currently most fond of Mobil 1 MX4T synthetic motorcycle oil, since the detergents seem to keep the engine surfaces the cleanest when we tear down an engine for rebuild. Amsoil AMF is a good choice, as are Redline and Royal Purple.

We recommend 10w-40 for most of the season's racing, or perhaps 15-50 in very hot weather. Call us if you're unsure of which brand or weight to go with, and we'll discuss your situation.

Which Spark Plugs do you recommend?

We recommend only the OEM spec spark plug. For most motorcycles, this is the NGK CR9E. We have seen several problems with the Iridium plugs, speficially, with the tips coming loose inside the engines, and with being very difficult to remove from the spark plug gallery.

Which Oil Filters do you recommend

In most cases, the OEM oil filters are the best choice. For engines with high-volume oil pumps, or with oil pump overdrive gears, we also like to use the K&N oil filters with the hex fitting on the back, since we can get these tighter than the standard OEM filter. This helps ensure that the filter's o-ring stays in place properly in the face of the very high pressures the modified oil systems can see.

Which chains do you recommend

In our experience, any of the "big 3" brands, DID, EK, and RK are fine. We prefer EK Chains, specifically, the EK ZVX series. The DID ZVM2 is also a good choice. For very large, high-torque Hayabusa motors, we recommend the EK ZZZ chain. Note that shorter chains will need to be replaced more often, as they generate a lot more heat. Chain alignment and lubrication is also critical. From a budget perspective, EK ZVX chains are available in up to 160 link lengths, which is enough for most cars to cut in half and get two chains out of, thus effectively halving the cost of your chain.

Do you make an install kit for the Speads F1000?

We do. It includes everything you need to finish the roller, other than the engine itself, and dash/datalogger. Cost is currently $4,400, and details are on our Products Page.