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Rilltech Races to Runoffs Victory Yet Again with Outstanding Drive From Tom Bootz


Congratulations to the 2011 Podium Finishers! Tom Bootz - Champion, Lee Alexander - 2nd, Jake Latham - 3rd

Rilltech Racing is thrilled to congratulate Tom Bootz on his maiden Runoffs victory, with Rilltech engines powering Tom to the top step of the podium. Tom's engine ran like absolute clockwork all weekend, with nary a hiccup, while many others found engine reliability to be a big issue during the Runoffs week. Not only did Tom take the Gold Medal in this "Olympics of Motorsport" race, he also set a new lap record on his way to victory.

Tom's victory marks the fourth Runoffs Gold Medal for Rilltech Racing engines, winning in 2008, 2009, and now again in 2011.

Bootz qualified third in his Bootz Industries Stohr WF-1 and moved to the front almost immediately at the green flag, powering by polesitter Lee Alexander and Chris Farrell in second. Tom led the field into the first corner, and never looked back, steadily growing his lead throughout the 52 mile race.

As cars battled for position and fell out of the race because of mechanical difficulties, Bootz ticked off lap after lap toward the checkered flag, including a Hawk Fast Lap of the race at 2:02.656 (117.402 mph), a new Runoffs record for the class.

"Being back on the podium is clearly special,� Bootz said. �The odd thing is that earlier in the year the car was a mess. At one point, we just through our hands up and took the car back to the shop and took it apart because something wasn�t right. We kept working on it and working on it , finally got up here and turned some competitive laps. Sometimes it�s easy and sometimes it isn�t, and I think we've all been on that side of the equation.

"It was a hard drive, but we got a jump at the start and kept watching the mirrors and watching the mirrors. I was hoping there�d be some battling behind me, trying for consistent laps. I just kept going around, watching the mirrors. I had a clear track until about halfway through the last lap, and there wasn't any point in taking any chances. I stayed behind them until we went across the line."

Rilltech would also like to congratulate long time friend and customer Jake Latham on his dark-horse 3rd place podium finish. Jake's feet barely touched the ground on his way up to the podium, and it sounds like he still can scarcely believe his good result. A strong 4th place qualifying position put Jake in good spot for the race start, and he adds:

"The start was pretty bad for me, I think I went from fourth to eighth or ninth and pretty much everyone just sort of streamed by on the way to [turn] three," Latham said. "After that it was just trying to find and catch who I could. After that, cars started to drop out, I saw someone go off at the end of five and I knew I was up a spot. I spent the whole race chasing after Michael Crowe, we passed and repassed each other, and that was great fun. Finally I got a good tow from him and stuffed it down in Canada Corner and made my way by. He pulled off with some kind of mechanical trouble, and I just kept my gap to the car behind me."

That is Jake's first Runoffs medal, and capstones a great season for him in which he also won the June Sprints. Good luck in F1000 Jake!

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