Rilltech Racing

Services : Wiring Harnesses

Nearly every engine that goes out our door also goes with a Rilltech prepared wiring harness. We remove nearly five pounds of wiring, sensors, fuses, and other uneeded components out of the wiring harness, leaving a simple, lightweight, reliable harness behind.

Over the last year, Rilltech has introduced a new style engine harness, for which we worked with a certified electrician. This is a very high quality product, using top quality connectors, then wrapped in lightweight, flexible, high-temp comvering.

Making installation as simple as possible, there are only three connections that need to be made to the car: One from the car for power, another from the starter switch, and finally, a connection to supply RPM data to the dash and datalogger. Each of these are provided via 3-pin HD Deutsch connectors, making harness removal and replacement for engine changes quite literally "a snap".

The charging circuit is separate and simple to install.

The harness comes fully labelled, along with a symbol diagram for easy fitment and detection of faults.

We stock ready-made harnesses for all 99-2011 Suzuki engines, and can supply/modify others as needed - call us for details.