Rilltech Racing


Engine Building & Blueprinting

Building race-winning engines is the heart of Rilltech Racing. Our most popular engine by far is the new 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 1000, which makes tremendous power in a very lightweight package. Engine configurations up to 200 rear wheel horsepower are available for this motor.

Also popular is the Hayabusa GSX-1300R, from 1300cc all the way to 1615cc and over 250hp.

We routinely build and service many other engines, including all previous generations of Suzuki 1000's, Yamaha R1, Kawasaki ZX-10 and ZX-14, and Honda CBR.

Beyond motorcycle power, Rilltech also builds engines for T1, SSC, SSB, ST, Spec Miata, and Speed World Challenge.

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Wiring Harness Simplification

Wiring harnesses fresh out of the motorcycle will not run without significant modifications. Our wiring harness simplification reduces weight, eases install, and improves reliability.

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Race Car Preparation & Service

If you own a race car, but do not have the time, skills, or desire to take care of its upkeep, Rilltech offers complete services for running your race car.

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Advanced Fabrication

Rilltech has the capability to design customized parts for your race car. We are in the unique position to provide expert fabrication skills, and the experience of racing to create parts for your project.

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Stack Technical Agent

Stack Technical Agent
Rilltech is a Stack Technical Agent, so we can help you with your all of your dash and datalogger displays, add-on modules (E, R, S, etc). For more information on Stack products, visit Stack's Website.