Rilltech Racing

Services : Engine Building & Blueprinting

Building engines for maximum power AND longevity is the centerpiece of Rilltech's business. Below are details on some of the most common engine options. If you don't see a particular engine combination listed, please call us - it's almost a certainty we have built one before and can help show you what your engine will need.
We know all the tricks to ensuring your engine will make the power, AND that it will do so reliably.

All port work and flow testing is done in-house on our flow-bench, and camshafts for modified engines are custom-ground to our specifications. We do a full range of crankshaft modifications such as lightening, balancing, and knife-edging. We stock many items as well - heavy duty valve springs, Titanium keepers and retainers, and many off-the-shelf OEM parts. We dyno tune all engines that go out the door, on our own in-house dyno. This can be done with your stock or programmable ECU, and we are experts at Power Commander tuning, and provide maps matched to each engine.

Rilltech is at many races during the season, and we provide trackside support to customers while we are there.

2007 GSX-R1000 ("K7")

The emerging winner of the latest round of 1000cc motorcycles is the Suzuki liter bike. This engine makes nearly 160rwhp from the factory - the same as the 2007 Hayabusa, in a package weighing over thirty pounds less.

We can prepare this engine in stock form, blueprinted for use in SCCA Formula 1000 (FB) competition, or in highly modified configurations with over 200rwhp for use in DSR, and any other racing classes where these motors are used.

Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa

The Hayabusa has been a popular basis for our CSR powered cars for many years now, and is available in several configurations:
  • 1300cc - In stock form, the Hayabusa is potent as well as reliable. We can accentuate this with mild headwork and camshafts, as well as higher-spec internals to help produce more power from the base package. Keeping stock stroke allows for higher revs.
  • 1400cc - These kits increase the bore, and power goes up significantly without noteworthy reductions in engine longevity
  • 1500+ - The sky is the limit for these engines. Bored and stroked, these can produce over 260rwhp properly configured. Various configurations are 1507, 1585, 1607, and 1615cc.
We stock many popular parts for the Hayabusa, such as the stroker cranks, forged pistons, Carrillo Rods, and clutch baskets. See also our line of products for the Hayabusa, including our custom Oil Pump Overdrive gear, wet-sump oil pan, and Undercut gears.

2001-2006 GSX-R1000 ("K1" to "K6")

As with the 2007 GSX-R, with as popular as the Suzuki has been over the years, we do a full range of work on these engines, from mild tunes on stock motors, all the way up to fully built max-spec DSR engines.

Other Motorcycle Engines

We have extensive experience with all other makes of engine, despite the preponderance of Suzukis. 99-07 Yamaha R1, Kawasaki ZX-10, ZX-9, ZX-12, and ZX-14, and Honda CBR's. Call us to discuss what you'd like to do - we have many of these running in Sprint cars, Radicals, Speads, and Stohrs around the country.

Turbocharged Packages

We have developed in-house custom turbocharger packages for those that desire the most out of of their engine. Setups for the 1000cc engines are available from 260HP to 300HP. Hayabusa packages produce 360 to 500HP. Please call for details, and check out some of the pictures of one such system on our Hayabusa powered Fangio Champ Car.

Automotive Engines

We also provide the same high quality engine preparation on automotive based engines, through our participation in SCCA club racing and Speed World Challenge. This includes GM "LS" engines, and Honda B and K-series motors, among others. Please contact us to discuss your project, and we'll be glad to help.