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[05.01.2012] - (Video) Patricio O'Ward and the Flat Shifter

For a nice change of pace, here is some in-car video of Patricio O'Ward testing a Speads F1000 equipped with our latest FlatShifter kit. Patricio is working his way up to fulfill is racing aspirations, and we thought the video was a nice showcase of both Patricio's talents, and those of the FlatShifter. Enjoy!

[02.01.2012] - Rilltech Racing releases custom oil, water, and fuel fittings

After having difficulty with fittings and adapters on the market today, Rilltech Racing has produced our own adapters and fittings for dealing with oil, water, and fuel fittings.

First is a Water Temperature Port fitting that will thread into a plug on the block of most bike engines, allow you to get accurate water temperatures right from the source, even when a thermostat is fitted.

Next are the common 90* and straight -8 fittings for connecting oil lines to the block of many Suzukis and other engines.

Finally, new fuel rail adapters are available for the '07-08 GSX-R, and 08-12 Hayabusa. The are both the strongest and lightest on the market, and fit correctly, allowing no side-to-side movement as with other products available today.

All of these parts are in stock and available to fit most applications, so call us for more information and to order.

[01.15.2012] - Rilltech Racing Stainless/Inconel Headers

After many hours of dyno testing, we have perfected our new header, which is made of a mix of Stainless Steel and Inconel. This mix provides the best of both worlds, providing the durability of stainless steel, with the heat rejection and lighter weight of Titanium. This has taken several attempts over the winter months, but this header now outperforms our titanium slip-joint header.

These headers are more durable in extreme heat environments than the titanium headers, and will not corrode, even after many seasons of use.

Total weight is 5.75#, just 1.25# heavier than our titanium headers, and are still the lightest headers on the market. Dyno results to follow from an independent engine manufacturer to verify our claims.

We will be stocking kits for the Stohr WF-1, and can produce custom headers for most cars quite easily.

[10.01.2011] - Rilltech Races to Runoffs Victory Yet Again


Congratulations to the 2011 Podium Finishers! Tom Bootz - Champion, Lee Alexander - 2nd, Jake Latham - 3rd

Rilltech Racing is thrilled to congratulate Tom Bootz on his maiden Runoffs victory, with Rilltech engines powering Tom to the top step of the podium. Tom's engine ran like absolute clockwork all weekend, with nary a hiccup, while many others found engine reliability to be a big issue during the Runoffs week. Not only did Tom take the Gold Medal in this "Olympics of Motorsport" race, he also set a new lap record on his way to victory.

Tom's victory marks the fourth Runoffs Gold Medal for Rilltech Racing engines, winning in 2008, 2009, and now again in 2011.

Bootz qualified third in his Bootz Industries Stohr WF-1 and moved to the front almost immediately at the green flag, powering by polesitter Lee Alexander and Chris Farrell in second. Tom led the field into the first corner, and never looked back, steadily growing his lead throughout the 52 mile race.

As cars battled for position and fell out of the race because of mechanical difficulties, Bootz ticked off lap after lap toward the checkered flag, including a Hawk Fast Lap of the race at 2:02.656 (117.402 mph), a new Runoffs record for the class.

"Being back on the podium is clearly special,� Bootz said. �The odd thing is that earlier in the year the car was a mess. At one point, we just through our hands up and took the car back to the shop and took it apart because something wasn�t right. We kept working on it and working on it , finally got up here and turned some competitive laps. Sometimes it�s easy and sometimes it isn�t, and I think we've all been on that side of the equation.

"It was a hard drive, but we got a jump at the start and kept watching the mirrors and watching the mirrors. I was hoping there�d be some battling behind me, trying for consistent laps. I just kept going around, watching the mirrors. I had a clear track until about halfway through the last lap, and there wasn't any point in taking any chances. I stayed behind them until we went across the line."

Rilltech would also like to congratulate long time friend and customer Jake Latham on his dark-horse 3rd place podium finish. Jake's feet barely touched the ground on his way up to the podium, and it sounds like he still can scarcely believe his good result. A strong 4th place qualifying position put Jake in good spot for the race start, and he adds:

"The start was pretty bad for me, I think I went from fourth to eighth or ninth and pretty much everyone just sort of streamed by on the way to [turn] three," Latham said. "After that it was just trying to find and catch who I could. After that, cars started to drop out, I saw someone go off at the end of five and I knew I was up a spot. I spent the whole race chasing after Michael Crowe, we passed and repassed each other, and that was great fun. Finally I got a good tow from him and stuffed it down in Canada Corner and made my way by. He pulled off with some kind of mechanical trouble, and I just kept my gap to the car behind me."

That is Jake's first Runoffs medal, and capstones a great season for him in which he also won the June Sprints. Good luck in F1000 Jake!

[08.02.2011] - Jalen Dyer takes NHRA National Championship

In Rilltech's first year of being involved in Junior Drag Racing, with driver Jalen Dyer, combined with the massive effort of his father Mike and their team, together we have taken the NHRA Jr. National Championship!

Driver Jalen Dyer, aged 16, piloted his 2007 MC Phantom JR Comp Dragster to a series of wins over the course of the 2011 season, culminating in the series championship at year's end.

Powering the dragster is a Rilltech engine featuring very progressive power delivery, based on a 2002 Hayabusa 1300. Specially built by Rilltech for drag racing, this engine features a very broad powerband to help reduce and control wheel spin.

In addition to supplying the motivation, Rilltech performed all the preparation according to Mike's detailed instructions. The car's engine harness, headers, mufflers, oil, and fuel systems were all built by Rilltech, and in nearly 100 runs, the car has suffered no mechanical faults whatsover.

As configured, The car Runs 6.90 index in the 1/8 Mile and has averaged 6.907 over the course of this season, racking up 1 national championship, 1 regional runner-up, and 4-straight wins over the past seven races.

Building on this success, Rilltech has expanded its lineup to two more local drivers running 1000cc Suzuki powered dragsters, and is busy completing another Hayabusa powered car.

Drivers aged 14-20 are eligible to compete in Jr. Dragster, and for more information, go to,, or

For more pictures, see our Dyer Racing Gallery.

[07.24.2011] - Speads RS11 Smashes Track records on way to double victory at High Plains Raceway

Entering its first race ever at the High Plains Raceway "Freedom Sprints" Double National, the Speads RS11 not only took two victories away, but reset the DSR class record along the way. And if that weren't enough, with pilot Steve Ott at the wheel, a new overall lap record for High Plains Raceway of 1:37.8 was set during Saturday morning's practice session.

Add to that an almost entirely problem free debut, and you have a very promising start for the new car. Learn more on our products page.

[06.02.2011] - Rilltech announces Flatshifter Blip clutchless downshift system

Rilltech is proud to announce availability of the new Flatshifter Blip, which enables clutchless downshifts on any sequential transmissioned vehicle, regardless of ECU, and regardless of if you already have a clutchless upshift system installed.

Learn more on our products page.

[03.10.2010] - Rilltech announces updated GSX-R and Hayabusa Wet-Sump Pan Design

Updated pan flange design
As the pioneers of the wet-sump pan design that has now been extensively copied, Rilltech has continued to update and improve our design. In the latest iteration, we have changed the pan flange design so that we could shorten each of the 14 bolts by 50%, thus saving weight. Design updates to the inside of the pan result in approximately 1/2 pound of weight savings, with the same perfect oil control our updated designs have achieved.

Pans are available now for the 01-08 GSX-R, and 99-09 Hayabusa.

Learn more on our products page.

[02.10.2010] - Rilltech Racing presents the $1,000 Super Sweep Prize Fund for F1000

As part of the 2010 F1000 National Championship presented by George Dean Racing Engines and Taylor Race Engineering, Rilltech Racing will award $1000 to one talented driver that wins the SCCA Super Sweep award. This award will honor the driver that wins all four criteria of the Super Sweep in 2010:
  • Leg 1: A class win at one of the following events:
    • Jan. 24, Auto Club Speedway, SoPacDiv National
    • March 6, Texas World Speedway, race one of SWDiv Double National
    • March 20, Thunderhill, race one of NorPacDiv Double National
    • March 21, Road Atlanta, SEDiv National
    • May 2, Heartland Park Topeka, MWDiv National
    • May 23, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, GLDiv National
    • June 27, Road America, CenDiv National
    • July 3, High Plains Raceway, race one of RMDiv Double National
    • July 11, Watkins Glen International, NEDiv National
  • Leg 2: A divisional championship
  • Leg 3: An SCCA National Championship (Runoffs win)
  • Leg 4: Class Champion of the nationwide points championship (as defined by the SCCA here.)

  • By winning the national race at Auto Club Speedway last month, Phil De La O (Phoenix) meets the first criteria of the Rilltech Super Sweep Prize and gets one of the Legs out of the way.

    To be eligible for the $1000 prize offered by Rilltech Racing/Speads, the driver must be registered in the F1000 National Championship presented by George Dean Racing Engines and Taylor Race Engineering. Information and an entry form can be found at Entry in the National Championship also includes entry in the West Coast F1000 Pro Series ( Because two of the Super Sweep events in Leg 1 are also part of that series, registered drivers can also win additional prizes while qualifying for the Rilltech Racing Super Sweep Prize!

    Additionally, all Speads F1000 drivers are eligible to win the Racing Concepts contigency money.

    You can't win the Rilltech Racing Super Sweep Prize if you don't enter the National Championship! Go to to enter, or use the attached entry form. Enter NOW!

    [01.15.2010] - Rilltech Announces its new Titanium Exhaust Systems, complete with warranty

    After hours of dyno tests over the course of 2009, we have updated our Titanium header design for all motorcycle engines fitted into race cars. We stock ready-made headers for Suzuki GSX-R1000 engines, years 2005-2008, for all Speads and Stohr chassis. (CSR/DSR and F1000/FB).

    The Headers are 4-2-1 (aka "Tri-Y") design for better power and torque, available in two configurations. First is four separate primaries, all slip-jointed, or with two primaries joined to connect to a slip-fit at the collector.

    The secondary pipe has a tuned length with an optional bung for a wideband. Total weight of the header itself is just 3.9 pounds, including collector and all flanges. The Titanium reduces under-hood temperatures significantly, and are cool to the touch after just a few minutes of sitting. We have found gains on the dyno with them compared to identical mild and stainless steel headers.

    Multiple slip-fit design, and a few other tricks prevent cracking due to stress and fatigue, so we guarantee our Ti headers for 12 months against cracking. If you find a system on the market that makes more power for similar money, we will refund you in full.

    To go along with our titanium headers, Rilltech has developed a titanium muffler. This muffler will easily pass sound at all SCCA tracks around the country, and makes more power on the dyno than other popular muffler choices. An oval shape allows for it to be mounted lower in the chassis, with more clearance to parts, and the same Ti material that helps conduct heat out of the engine bay works with the muffler as well. The inside is replaceable should the packing ever become worn.

    Size for the muffler is customizable up to 18" long, with 12" being sufficient for most cars.

    approx 4hp gain at peak power, and significant gains in the 6-7K range, on a stock engine. The effect is magnified on built engines.
    We have tested all systems on the market here at Rilltech on our chassis dyno in a frame first, then in the back of a DSR. We found the biggest advantage and biggest power increase with the Titanium system was found on a DSR with full bodywork on, and the car up to full temperature, just as you'd see on the race track. The Titanium expels much more heat out of the tail pipe compared to steel and stainless systems and keeps a more constant power peak.

    dyno chart of Ti header on a built engine
    Additionally, we've shipped the system off to George Dean at GDRE to offer an independent test on his dyno. He tested against the latest exhaust system from Stohr, and as you can see from the dyno sheet, it is a big improvement. George is available to discuss these Rilltech headers, as an independent third party.

    Ready-Made setups for GSX-1300R Hayabusa in Speads, Stohr, and Radical are available now, for 1999-2009 year GSX-R engines.

    Custom fitment for other chassis is available too - just call.

    Benefits of the Rilltech System:
    • More power and torque
    • Lower underhood temperatures
    • Weight Savings
    • Long life, no corrosion or cracking
    • 12-month guarantee against cracking
    System Weights:
    • Rilltech Ti Headers + Muffler: 8.6lbs
    • Latest Stohr factory iteration: 15.2lbs
    • Typical System: 18lbs
    To learn more about the exhaust system and Rilltech's custom products, visit the Products Page.

    [01.15.2010] - Rilltech Announces new Second Generation Oil Pans for Suzuki GSX-R

    Our updated 07-08 GSX-R Pan with new pickup. Not pictured are extended baffle design and new check valve layout.
    This oil pan replaces the stock oil pan and pickup on the GSX-R 1000. A complete sump baffle is included, as is a new pickup tube. Designs are available for the 1999-2009 GSX-R 1000. This will keep oil at your pickup, even at over 3g of cornering loads, frequently seen these days in DSR and F1000.

    New for 2010 is a brand new design based on our research with the 2007-2008 GSX-R, now being incorporated into all year oil pans. This new pan is unique to Rilltech, and is not the standard design that has been in use for the past few years.

    The new pan has a completely redesigned baffle, pickup, and arrangement of the check valve doors. In particular, the oil pickup has been moved forwards to prevent it from being uncovered under hard braking due to oil slosh. Additionally, a new baffle (not pictured), which prevents oil from migrating into the transmission and clutch reduces internal engine drag, increasing horsepower that makes it to the ground.

    Pressure dips eliminated. Note that oilp tracks with engine RPM, even under hard braking.
    This newest pan design was tested by Jake Latham at the end of 2009, at both Pueblo and High Plains Raceway, resulting in a complete elimination of braking-induced oil pressure drops that had been an issue with the previous pan design on 2007-2008 engines.

    Simple, easy, perfect fitment is guaranteed on all of our pans. All parts are CNC machined or laser cut, and then TIG welded into the final assembly. All kits come with full instructions and a 12-month guarantee against defects. Installation of these pans is much faster than installing a complicated dry-sump system, and is over 10 pounds lighter as well. Optional is a quick-drain tap fitting.

    Winter price reduction to $550.

    Benefits of the Rilltech System:
    • 12-month guarantee on all parts for workmanship, cracks, etc.
    • Proven superior baffle construction to avoid fatigue and stress cracks
    • Better oil control against surge/pressure dips
    • Better performance keeping oil out of gearbox and transmission area, for increased HP
    To learn more about the exhaust system and Rilltech's custom products, visit the Products Page.

    [01.01.2010] - Racing Concepts Announces Contingencies for Speads drivers in F1000 Pro Series

    As part of its participation in the 2010 F1000 Pro Series, Racing Concepts and Speads Race Cars are announcing contingency money to be paid for high-performing drivers of its Speads Formula cars.

    The payout schedule is as follows:
    • 1st: $500 (four or more cars in class)
    • 2nd: $400 (five or more cars in class)
    • 3rd: $300 (six or more cars in class)

    For additional information on the F1000 Pro Series, as part of the National F1000 championship, along with complete information about awards, rules, and regulations, visit, and

    To learn more about the Speads race cars, visit, and to get yours, Contact Us!

    [10.12.2009] - Upgrade Kits for Wet Sump Pans available

    Following the additional data from this year's research on wet-sump pan oil pressures, Rilltech has developed a modification to our wet-sump pans to prevent the pressure dips that some have seen under hard braking. The update includes a new pickup, a new baffle, and an addition to the pan trap-door box. Call us for more information and pricing.

    Updated pans with the new design integral to the pan will be available by the end of October.

    [06.12.2009] - 2009 Speads F1000's available now for $29,900

    The 2009 Speads RM97 F-1000 racer is now available for a price better than ever before. $29,900 will get you a new Speads roller (FOB, Denver). Add your engine, dash, and install kit from Rilltech Racing, and you're ready to go. To read more about the Speads F1000, visit our products page.

    [05.30.2009] - 2009 Racing Season off to a flying start

    With the winter cold finally having cleared out of the Colorado Front Range, Rilltech's 2009 racing season is off to a flying start, with several oval track sprint events alreayd under our belt, and with 3 SCCA races in the span of just one month.

    Over on the SCCA side, the season began with the Icebreaker Double National at Pike's Peak International Raceway. Rilltech was there with Rob Adams in his CSR Radical, taking the win in CSR, finishing 7th overall in a field filled with current and former national championships. Not a bad effort for his maiden visit to the track. Rob came back the next day and improved his best lap by nearly a full second, on his way to a second CSR win.

    Fast forward a few weeks to the May 2nd Double Regional race. Rilltech was well represented here as well, with Rob Adams, Joe Weathers, and Evan Anderman in their Rilltech 1400 CSR Radicals, Jake Latham in his Rilltech-Suzuki powered Stohr, and the Watermans with their brand new Speads RM07 F1000.

    A large wings-and-things field took the green on both days. Jake took the win in his Stohr both days on his way to setting a new outright High Plains Raceway lap record, with Chris Waterman pushing him hard both days in the F1000. Sunday's race was a messy one, with a red flag period after an incident at the start, and a late race contact between the Radicals of Paul Leonard and Evan, which caused no major issues for either car.

    Fast forward once again to Memorial Day weekend, for the Western Sprints double regional at Pike's Peak International Raceway. Attendance was light, with just Jake in his Rilltech Stohr flying the flag for the motorcycle powered race cars. Jake ran away with the win on Sunday, and battling some handling issues Monday, finished a close second after a thrilling race-long battle.

    [11.02.2008] - Close Racing at Pueblo "Miller Time" Season Finale

    The Rocky Mountain Division closed out its season with a double regional at Pueblo Motorsports Park. The field saw eight sports racers in attendance, with no fewer than five of these drivers running Rilltech motors.

    Saturday's race saw Jake Latham on pole in his Rilltech/Suzuki-powered Stohr DSR, with a 1:30.4 pole time, a good effort from Jake. Rob Adams was outside pole with his new 1400cc engine from Rilltech. Despite a bad start, Rob blitzed the rest of the field by the end of the straight, and led into Turn 1. He went slightly wide, and Jake slipped under, with Paul Leonard just behind in his Radical. Rob and Paul battled for several laps, while Jake drove away. Jake's race was ended in
    frightening fashion by a failed tire valve stem just before Turn 5, sending him on a ride at 100mph through the gravel. Fortunately, Jake was OK, so he was able to watch the finish, which saw Paul take the win in DSR, and Rob take the win in CSR.

    Sunday's qualifying was based off of Saturday's finish. Paul was on pole, with Rob second. Again, Rob rocketed away, on the start, but Jake got a spectacular jump and moved from 11th to 3rd before Turn 1, then passed Paul and Rob on lap 2, and again began to drive away. Problems raised their head again for Jake, as a failing wheel bearing caused brake problems at the end of the race, and he ultimately finished second overall, first in CSR, with Rob taking home 3rd, second in CSR.

    Congratulations as well to Evan Anderman with his PR6 Prosport, taking a second and a 4th, and to Joe Weathers who took 4th and 3rd with his Rilltech 1400 - which has nearly 100 hours on it! Consolation to Pat Holmes, who had frustrating overheating problems all weekend.

    Fantastic, close racing overall by the three all weekend, which was by far the most exciting, close racing of the weekend - what a tremendous end to a good season for all. Especially, our warm compliments to Rob and Evan, who have shown spectacular improvements in their laptimes and racecraft, in this, their first year of competitive racing.

    Great job everybody, and we'll see you next season. Let the winter silly season begin!


    For the second straight year, the D-Sports Racing National Championship went to JR Osborne in his Stohr WF-1. The week was, frankly, awesome for Rilltech and all of our supporters, and a huge congratulations to JR - what an accomplishment!

    It was a busy week for JR and Rilltech, to say the least. Sunday's test went well, running our 670cc turbo engine. Within a few laps, JR was in the 1:24 range, the quickest lap made by any class since the Runoffs had started. With some additional tuning, a mid 1:22 was in sight, but a $.40 o-ring failed on the oil filter housing, sending hot oil all over the hot turbo and causing a huge fire.

    Too many of the turbo ancillaries were damaged to continue, so Rilltech and JR set about swapping out the turbo for a 1000cc engine from the June Sprints. This engine too started having problems, which was later traced to a failed JE piston - the first such failure we've seen.

    Tom Bootz kindly came to the rescue and lent JR his spare Rilltech engine, which was converted to 07 spec there at the track, and installed for the race. After all the engine changes, things finally began to run a bit more smoothly!

    At the start, JR got a great jump, and it was JR, Mark Jaremko, Tom, Chris Farrell literally inches apart through Alpha and down to Turn One. It ended up JR, Tom, and Mark for part of the first lap. Mark go by Tom on Turn 6, but JR had already disappeared into the distance, and would ultimately cross the line first, completing his first SCCA triple crown. Mark Jaremko finished second, and Tom Bootz, also with a Rilltech Suzuki, rounded out the podium in his WF-1.

    For the CSR race, JR made the same awesome start, and sprinted off into the distance, building up a huge lead. Towards the end of the race, the fuel regulator begain to fail, ultimately causing one cylinder to drop. Fortunately, JR had a big enough lead to nurse his car to the end, taking the win in CSR as well, coming home with new CSR, and DSR track records.

    Also in CSR, Rilltech and Chris Souliotis ran with a Speads RS04, packing a Rilltech 1600 Hayabusa motor in the back. This was Chris's first trip to the Runoffs, and to HPT, and put on a very respectable performance, qualifying 10th, and running as high as 6th before an unfortunate spin while attempting a pass for 5th spot.

    Over on the tin-top side, Rilltech was also present with Bob Schader in his SSB MX-5 Miata. Unfortunately, Bob's race was a short one, getting taken out of the race at the start, preventing him from showing the speed of the car for the championship.

    Rilltech would like to warmly congratulate all the drivers that took part in the Runoffs, and our sincere thanks for showing what your Rilltech engines and support can do for you. Thank You!

    [09.28.2008] - Enduro Champions at Miller Motorsports Park

    Rilltech loaded up and headed across the Rockies out to Miller Motorsports Park for the Radical Cup Enduro. Taking part were Evan Anderman and Rob Adams in their Rilltech-run Radical PR6's. Both Evan and Rob were up to speed very quickly - no small feat on a track with such a long lap. Within a few laps, they were running faster laptimes than the more powerful SR3's.

    Rob unfortunately retired early when his Powertec motor expired, but Evan Anderman went on to win the PR6 class in his beautiful blue and yellow car, driving a clean and faultless race all the way through. A clean fuel pit stop and consistent laptimes, coupled with maintaining his concentration while others lagged was the key to the securing the top step of the podium for Evan. Huge congratulations to you, Evan!

    [09.08.2008] - More records at HPT 'Last Chance' Double

    Labor Day weekend was the last double national of the SCCA season, and the race was held at Heartland Park Topeka (HPT), giving all a good preview of what the Runoffs might look like this year.

    In FB, Mike Rock put his Speads F1000 on pole for Sunday's race, and second in class for Monday's start as well. Big congratulations to him, as he came through to win both races, and came home with maximum points. Also noteworthy is that he came home 5th overall on Monday, through a field of CSRs with a LOT more horsepower. Congratulations, Mike!

    Also in FB, Bob Schader set a new track record for FB on Sunday, with a 1:34.182, giving some early indications of the pace the Speads F1000 is going to have.

    Hopping into his Mazda MX-5, Bob put his car on pole in SSB for both days, won both races with ease, and set a new track record of 1:55.90 on Sunday.

    Over in DSR, Tom Bootz showed good pace Sunday in his Rilltech Suzuki powered Stohr WF-1, setting a track record of 1:27.75 on his way to a DSR, and overall win. Monday saw Tom retire with a wiring problem, but JR Osborne took his place with a dominant pole, win, and track record (1:26.10) with his Rilltech turbo, pushing him one step closer to a triple crown for the year.

    Finally, condolences for a bit of bad luck for Amedee Moran in his ST Corvette Z06. Amedee showed very competitive pace during practice and qualifying, but was unable to enter the race due to a failed water pump. Next time!

    [07.22.2008] - Rilltech 1-2-3 at Pueblo

    Rilltech packed up and headed down to Pueblo for the "Frying Pan" double regional this past weekend. In tow were Rob Adams and Evan Anderman in their new Radical PR6's, and Jake Latham with his Rilltech powered Prosport. Saturday was an outstanding day, with Jake, Rob, and Evan finishing 1-2-3 in CSR, and Jake taking the overall win. Despite 100+ degree heat, everybody's cars ran without a hitch.

    Sunday was similar, with Jake taking the CSR win with Rob less than a second behind at the checker. The two battled for the last half of the race, never separated by more than just a few seconds. What a race!

    Congratulations to all on their successful outings!

    [06.26.2008] - Victory at the June Sprints

    Rilltech Racing's customers had another outstanding event at the 53rd annual "Piggly Wiggly" June Sprints this year, in Elkhart Lake.

    First Kudos go to Mike Rock for picking up 2nd place in Formula 1000 (FB), his first time out in his new Speads F1000. Way to go, Mike!

    Moving over to the sports racer field, well done to Chris Souliotis for finishing 6th in a very competitive CSR field, as he gets accustomed to his
    Speads RS04. Dorian Foyil had an extremely strong showing, finishing 3rd in DSR with his 2007 Rilltech GSX-R 1000. Dorian has posted some video of his efforts on You Tube, happy viewing!

    And, last but not least, J.R. Osborne took another dominant win in DSR, showcasing his new Suzuki 670cc turbo in qualifying - the next step of DSR engine performance is here! J.R. is now in position to take the Triple Crown with a win at the Runoffs this year - good luck J.R!

    Finally, consolation to Bob Schader, who was quick in FB but had to withdraw, as well as an unfortunate coming together with a Mini in the SSB race.

    [06.05.2008] - Records fall at Miller Motosports Park

    It was an outstanding weekend for Rilltech Racing's cars at the Great Salt Race of 2008, with no fewer than three track records, 7 pole positions, and four race wins coming from Rilltech-supported cars.

    In Super Touring, Amadee Moran had pole position both Saturday and Sunday, and set a new record of 3:07.1 on his way to a pair of overall victories.

    J.R. Osborne continued his winning ways with two poles, setting and then breaking his own track records, and topping it off with wins on both days. Luck was on JR's side Sunday as he had blistered a rear tire and dropped back to second for much of the race. However, a full-course yellow allowed him to cool his tires, catch up to the leaders, and take advantage of the restart to end up winning the DSR race.

    Bob Schader took pole in SSB both days in his MX-5, winning Saturday's race. His race was cut short on Sunday by a broken right-front hub, but not before he had set a new track record of 3:26.9.

    Christopher Ash nearly took the SM win on Sunday in a hugely competitive Spec Miata field, starting 5th and finishing 4th on Saturday. Chris took the Sunday pole position and led by nearly a second for much of the race, before failing tires ultimately caused him to surrender first place on the very last lap. In the process, he missed setting the track record by just .010 of a second! Chris will definitely be a contender at this year's Runoffs.

    Congratulations to all of our drivers on a strong weekend, what a great showing!

    [05.18.2008] - Videos on

    We've been collecting video here and there for a few years, and we've now posted a few of them here on the site:
    • We have a dyno video from Al Camano's Champ car in his Gallery Page
    • A video montage of J.R. Osborne's 2007 Runoffs winning effort is available in the 2007 Runoffs gallery.
    • And, just because it's fun to watch, we have the SPEED TV coverage of the 2007 Runoffs DSR race Here. (121MB .WMV)

    [04.22.2008] - Update from Long Beach

    Al Camano wrote us with an update:
    Wow!!!....Can't thank you guys and girls enough for joining me at the Grand Prix. Still can't shake that ear to ear smile....already, hoping we can do it all over again next year. From the bottom of my heart, many, many thanks again.

       Truly, Al Camano
    Al also included a YouTube video for us all to enjoy - Click here to watch it.

    Glad we could be part of it, Al!

    [04.18.2008] - Rilltech Champ Car running at Long Beach Grand Prix

    Al Camano, owner of our Hayabusa powered champ car, writes from the Long Beach Grand Prix:
    Hi boys and girls. Please join me this weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix as this year will have the great pleasure of driving my Indy-car /Champ-Car on Sunday, April 20, 2008, 12:00 p.m., shortly before the main event.

    On Friday and Saturday the car will be on display at the Expo, in the Long Beach Convention Center, by the main lobby/entrance (1st Indy-car from the left #36), and will hang out to greet you guys, other race fans, sponsors and media. On Sunday the car will be on display by Champ-car/Indy-car paddock with race cars running on main event, before hitting the track.

    Please feel free to join me for an unforgettable "pedal to the metal" weekend at the beach. Gentlemen and woman, start you engines! Looking forward to see you.
    For information on the Long Beach schedule, tickets, venue, and otherwise, visit

    [04.14.2008] - Lap records and races won by Rilltech cars at Pueblo Icebreaker

    The Pueblo 'Ice Breaker' national is in the books, and it was a very successful event for cars supported and prepared by Rilltech Racing:
    • JR Osborne continues his run of dominating finishes, re-setting the Pueblo C-Sports Racer track record to a staggering 1:23.9, breaking a nearly decade old record by an equally stunning 6.5 seconds. Congrats again to JR!
    • Mike Rock also set a new track record in his Speads F1000 (FB), also powered by a 2007 Rilltech Suzuki. Mike came home with a win and a second place this weekend.
    • Amedee Moran made it a perfect weekend with two wins in his ST Z06, setting a new track record for ST in his Rilltech prepped Z06.
    • Chris Ash made a good start in Spec Miata after a two year hiatus, going from 7th to first at the start. An off-track excursion caused Chris to drop back thereafter, but a good way to start the season nonetheless!
    • Finally, kudos to Bob Schader for setting a new SSB track record in his Rilltech prepared Mazda MX5, despite battling some early-season teething problems in his car.
    Nice work this weekend guys, we're proud of you!

    [04.07.2008] - Rilltech Hayabusa wet-sump pans now available

    Rilltech now has its first batch of Hayabusa wet-sump pans in-stock and available. These pans increase chassis clearance by over 2", allowing the engine to be run lower in the chassis. Learn More in the products section.

    [03.31.2008] - Pre-Made and custom Titanium Headers now available

    Rilltech is happy to reveal our new Titanium headers. We have both pre-made and custom fitments available for a host of motorcycle engined race cars. These headers weigh in at just over 4.5 pounds, reduce heat, and make better power. What else could you ask for? Learn More in the products section.

    [02.10.2008] - Rilltech acquires in-house dyno

    Rilltech is proud to announce that we have purchased our own in-house dyno upon which to build and test our engines. Having this service on-site will enable not only quicker turnaround time for customer engines, but even more testing and development of our race-winning motors.

    [02.07.2008] - 0-mile 2008 Hayabusas in-stock

    We have been able to source several 0-mile, brand new, 2008 Hayabusa engines. These 1340cc monsters make an additional 25hp over the previous generation busa, with the latest advanced electronics similar to the 2007 GSX-R 1000.

    We are not expecting these to last long, although more are on the way - please call for details & pricing.

    [01.15.2008] - Rilltech Hayabusa wet-sump pans available soon

    Building on our proven baffled wet-sump oil pan for the GSX-R 1000, Rilltech is awaiting shipment of its new billet wet-sump oil pans for the Hayabusa, featuring a complete sump baffle, and a trap-door style collector to keep the oil near the pickup, even in extended, high g-loading.

    We are expecting these to be ready by the end of February - please call for details and pricing.

    [11.15.2007] - Speads FB takes third at ARRC with Rilltech Suzuki

    Formula 1000 (FB) had its first ARRC meeting this year at Road Atlanta. In a star-studded field, Tonis Kasemets drove his Speads F1000, powered by a Rilltech-prepared 2007 GSX-R, to a third-place finish, holding off a slew of Stohr and Van Diemen Formula 1000's. Congratulations to Tonis, and we can't wait to see what 2008 will bring for this exciting class - orders are coming in fast and furious for the Speads F1000 cars and 2007 Suzuki engines!

    See more pictures in our 2007 ARRC Gallery.

    [10.15.2007] - Rilltech powers J.R. Osborne to SCCA National Championship

    J.R. Osborne charged to a commanding victory in the D-Sports Racing national championship this year. Behind J.R. was a top-spec Rilltech Suzuki GSX-R 1000. J.R. was the class of the field, and had a top-speed advantage of nearly 7 mph over the competition. Congratulations to J.R!