Rilltech Racing

Services : Race Car Preparation

Rilltech Racing offers complete race car preparation services. This includes everything from complete car setup, between-race maintenance, and assitance with car development, so that all you have to do is race the car, and not worry about the details.

We can do engine changes, build/install rollcages, suspension updates, fit custom bodywork, any electrical/wiring projects you may have.

We are currently running cars for customers in CSR, DSR, F1000, Spec Miata, SSB, T1, ST, and Speed World Challenge Touring Car. If you have it, we can set it up for you.

Rilltech is present at many races during the year, and trackside support for customers is part of the program. If you want complete arrive-and-drive services, that can be arranged.

For details, call us or drop us a line..